Baykomm by Bayer
Berndt+Partner Creality Brings Innovation to the Bayer Communication Center


Berndt+Partner Creality helped Bayer with design and implementation of the innovative digital station „Collaboration Studio” in the communication centre Baykomm in Leverkusen. Cooperation between Bayer and B+P Creality resulted in an interactive space, where visitors can try out an „age suit” or design a new packaging for Bayer.

Two months passed since the completely redesigned and modernised Bayer communication centre Baykomm opened its doors to visitors. The first guests have already managed to examine the 1.342 square meter area of the centre and to test new interactive and digital stations. Besides three info spaces, where you can learn everything about Bayer, and an explorer area with fascinated facts about the scientific world, a so called „Collaboration Studio” attracts a lot of visitors’ attention. Here the guests themselves are involved into the creative development process.

The „Collaboration Studio”, constructed in cooperation with Berndt+Partner Creality, consists of two digital areas: „Multisensory area” and „Senior simulator”. In the „Multisensory area” the guests create together with Bayer a new multisensory packaging. At four stations it is possible to choose different colours, surfaces, sounds and smells. Visitors' opinions will be taken into account by designing the next Bayer packaging.

In the „Senior Simulator” area the guests try out a special „age suit” that simulates the physical condition of an 80-year old. Being restricted in their motor and visual skills, the visitors try to deal with different products and packages. The main goal is to find out the ways for packaging optimisation, in order to make packaging comfortable in using for all the customers.

Dirk Rose, Director Design Strategy Berndt+Partner Creality: „Bayer „Collaboration Studio” was developed from the earlier project „Global Packaging Innovation Day”. During this event in spring Berndt+Partner Creality presented the visitors four interactive stations, including „Multisensorik” and „Senior Simulator”. According to the survey conducted during the event, the two above-mentioned activities were evaluated as the best and therefore selected for Baykomm”.