Instant coffee with elegance


Berndt+Partner Creality has developed a new glass family for the instant coffee range “Tchibo Exclusive”. The main focus of the project was laid on the elegant design, in addition to the economic packaging aspects.

The re-launch – consisting of the 50g, 100g, and 200g sizes – was recently introduced to the German market, as well as the instant coffee affine Eastern European countries Poland, Russia and other former CIS states.

While working on this project Berndt+Partner Creality started from the very beginning and followed the story of the Tchibo glass through the last ten years. We have found out that the most beloved form of the glass during this time was a “sandglass form”. Unfortunately, this form was not very convenient in production and filling and therefore exchanged. The next Tchibo glass design was very practical but has lost all the charm of its ancestor. This dilemma between beauty and practicality has led Tchibo to Berndt + Partner Creality.

While creating the current Tchibo glass Berndt+Partner Creality team tried not to concentrate on one aspect, but to combine attractive appearance with usability. As the result there appeared the new innovative form of Tchibo glass, as practical as its “father” and emotional as its “grandfather”.