All varieties of quark


B+P Creality has designed a new packaging for various Exquisa Quark products, which were introduced into the German market. Among them:
• the natural quark „Exquisa Quark Crème”
• the fruit quarks „Exquisa Quark Genuss”
• the fruit quarks combined with yoghurt „Exquisa – Der Cremig-Feine”

The packaging relaunch of all three products was handled individually. The most important characteristics of „Quark Crème” were naturalness, freshness, as well as lightness (only 2% fat). Those were expressed by the juicy-green grass in combination with the bright blue world, typical for dairy products. By „Quark Genuss” the focus was also put on freshness and lightness, but it was not less important to show the product as creamy and fruity. The „Cremig-Feine” differed from the official design line. They concentrated on the fruity pleasure and created a fruity dark red coloured world around the product.