B+P Creality ShopStop:
Let´s Have a Look at the Stores of the World


What do people usually want to see when they travel the world? Normally the local sights. What do we want to see when we travel? Packaging, of course! While other adventurers throw thoughtful looks at the Eiffel Tower or at the Chinese Wall we submerge in the first shop we come across and get inspired by local packaging designs.

In our «ShopStop» guide you will not find any usual pictures of clasic motives. There are enough of those already in the net. What we want to show you are the local points of sales, where the culture of the country mixes with global modernity. No doubt that these are the perfect places to find the latest and the most interesting designs.

So, are you ready for the «ShopStop»?

ShopStop 1: traditional Chinese medicine from B+P Creality CEO Christoph Waldau.