ShopStop 4:
Easter in New Zealand

New Zealand

Nearly half of the New Zealanders describe themselves as non-religious. Nevertheless, they do not consider this fact as a reason to refuse old traditions and forget about Easter bunnies and colored eggs. Where there is demand, there will be supply. That is why New Zealand supermarkets are currently overcrowded with traditional Easter motifs.

This phenomenon did not escape the attention of our Berndt+Partner Consultants partner Matthias Giebel on his trip through New Zealand. A fascinating discovery was that the European and New Zealand supermarkets, about 18,000 km away from each other, looked almost the same during the Easter season.

For example, New Zealand Easter bunnies look like twins to our long-eared Europeans. On looking at the names of the brands, it is easy to understand the reason for it. Easter bunnies from "Kinder", "Lindt" and "Cadbury" colonized New Zealand supermarkets and gave the Easter holiday there a European face.

What else fascinated Mr. Giebel in New Zealand:
- A large selection of "Lifestyle Nutrition Products";
- Boxes for self-refilling;
- Large snack bags with small packs inside;
- Fresh milk from local dairies in the supermarket;
- The selection of vegetarian dishes.