Aspirin - New packaging

Packaging Innovation
The classic among pain killers which has been on the market for more than 100 years has now completely been revised. Through its new unique microactive technology Aspirin has its effect twice as fast than before. Reason enough for a complete new packaging which not only improves the product protection and increases convenience but also respectively communicates the innovation level of the new Aspirin. The new aluminum packaging distinguishes through a multi-chamber folding box having the package leaflet stored in a separate chamber. This way disturbing handling for the single packages’ removal is prevented. B+P is especially proud of having won the German Packaging Prize 2014 with this packaging.
CLIENT Bayer AG / Bayer Healthcare
TASK Packaging Development, Packaging Innovation, Structural Design
  • Development of a shaped pouch for 4 tablets
  • Development of a new folding box with a separate chamber for the package leaflet and therefore convenience added value
  • Eye-catching pouch through innovative form
  • Single tablets can easily be separated and therefore are especially suitable on the go
  • Easy opening of pouches through tear opening of the foil
  • Good pouch removal from the folding box as the package leaflet is stored in a separate chamber
CONTACT Ilka Wolters