RIOPAN ... Stomach Gel

conception for the new packaging

The known stomach gel “Riopan” is for the recovery of acid-induced heartburn. It naturalizes the stomach acid after its application. For this purpose, the stomach gel is to be applied directly from the bag into the mouth and then swallowed. The previous packaging was a wide 4-sealed bag which was inserted in the mouth rather difficultly due to its wide opening.

So, B+P did a new conception for the new packaging: a specifically sealed stickpack. Apart from the improvement in convenience a special sealing system had to be developed which avoids an interaction of the multilayer laminate’s layer pads with the highly active filler.

PRODUCT Non-prescription, oral stomach gel
TASK Development of a single packaging for direct application of stomach gel into the mouth
  • Stickpack as an individual portion with an opening notch for easy tear opening
  • Guarantee of a stable laminate through a special sealing system
BENEFIT Individually portioned stickpack for direct application in the consumer’s mouth
CONTACT Christoph Waldau