DR. OETKER ... Sauce spoon

product packaging
With the innovative cup for cake glaze we developed a new product packaging with real USP for Dr. Oetker. An absolute novelty – not only on the shelf of baking supplements and decoration. The cup with the appearance of a sauce spoon disposes of a practical decoration spout for left- and right-handers as well as a handle to hook it in a water bath.
CLIENT Dr. Oetker
PRODUCT Cake Glaze
TASK Development of a new cup packaging for cake glaze with genuine added value for the consumer
  • Injection molding with handle for similar use to sauce spoon
  • Handle for hooking in a water bath
  • Decoration spout for left- and right-handers
BENEFIT Cup packaging, fillable in the existing plant, with innovative, functional added value à la Dr. Oetker