Exquisa - Creamy stirred

packaging design
The cream cheese products of the brand Exquisa were launched on the German market in a newly designed packaging at the beginning of 2014 – 16 different kinds in total. The target was to sharpen the positioning of the established brand and to strengthen the differentiation to the direct competitors. In collaboration with B+P the special product taste but most of all the especially stirred creaminess was worked out within the new packaging design. Furthermore it was about to transport the traditional brand’s closeability of the family business Karwendel on a visual level.
CLIENT Exquisa
PRODUCT Cream Cheese
TASK Packaging relaunch for the Exquisa cream cheese range, incl. Exquisa Creation
  • Visualization of the good taste and the Exqisa brand’s closeablitiy through a new glance over the shoulder- image concept
  • Visualization of the product benefit “creaminess” trough a striking swirl-element
  • Reduction of the relevant image and text information
BENEFIT New packaging design for the complete Exquisa cream cheese range highlighting the brand and product benefit and realizes a clear differentiation from the main competitors