MAGGI - Pleasures of cooking

new packaging
For a long time the brand MAGGI of Nestlé Deutschland has been standing for creative cooking solutions which improves every day’s cooking makes or makes it easier. Under the slogan “pleasures of cooking” MAGGI bouillons, Fix-products and sauces in pasty form are now offered which are shortly heated and that way refine meals of a different kind. Berndt+Partner has developed a new packaging for this product line comprising of a small individually designed portion cup as well as an innovative hinged cover-folding box in unique form.
CLIENT Maggi, Nestlé Deutschland
PRODUCT Cooking ingredient
TASK Development of an individual cup form for single portion as well as collective package of folding box board
  • Thermoformed, transparent and peelable single cup in individual form with embossing
  • Folding box of board in unique design with hinged cover function
  • Collective package concept for double and quad units
BENEFIT Singe serving cooking aid in reclosable collective package
CONTACT Christoph Waldau