APETITO ... Frozen Delicacies

new branding concept

Food has to inspire. A promise that has been fulfilled by apetito for more than 50 years. With 1.3 million people who enjoy apetito daily, the pioneering company in the cold storage sector is still one of the market and innovation leaders.

The new launch of the product line “LunchBoxen” underlined apetito’s market position and innovation strength.

B+P focused on the dialogue within the new branding concept. The consumer is addressed directly, individually and highly emotionally by means of a polaroid image with a personal message as well as another image of the meal that is made rather imperfect on purpose. It is a packaging design that one just wants to have and enjoy…

CLIENT Apetito
PRODUCT Frozen ready meal
  • New branding concept of the convenience brand apetito
  • Contemporary visual concept without artificial food-style-perfection
  • Packaging concept of the “LunchBoxen” with clear snacking appeal
RESULT New brand + packaging concept in the freezer for a young target group