DUNIWELL ... Special Care

Packaging Design
In the hygiene sector the traditional product name of Duniwell stands for high-quality disposable washcloths as well as disposable towels for the final consumer. The result of B+P’s respective packaging design developments has to be evaluated as a new mile stone within Duniwell’s product portfolio. The realization of the close-up concept and the new focus on the relevant product advantages add new dimensions of quality and aesthetics.
CLIENT Duniwell
PRODUCT Disposable washcloth, disposable towels for intimate care
TASK Integration of new products concerning intimate care in an existing range design
RESULT Packaging Design for both new intimate care products

  • New, intimacy transferring close-up visual concept
  • New, harmonizing and at the same time differentiating assortment color within the current range
  • New sort differentiation principle
  • Focus on the relevant product advantages
  • Re-closure labels as well as the opening perforation on the current bag system
BENEFIT New dimension of quality and aesthetics through focused wording, hygienic re-closure and close-up visual concept