Menzerna – Polish for Experts

completely new packaging design

The company Menzerna is technology leader in industrial polishing of surfaces. Among others, the company produces polishes, cleaners and care products for gelcoat surfaces and automotive clear coats of premium quality. By doing so, the company is leading supplier in the automotive sector for example for automobile manufacturers, vehicle painters and workshops.

With a new product range for gelcoat surfaces Menzerna has recently been serving the marine sector with professional users like boat repair stations and shipyards or also private boat lovers.

In collaboration with Menzerna’s specialist B+P has developed a completely new packaging design. The target was to fulfill the high product users’ requirements on the packaging functionality (especially navigation through the polishing system) but at the same time to meet the premium brand’s requirements from professionalism and aesthetics.

Since January 2015 the marine range has been on the market. The parallely revised automotive range with 17 products in different container sizes will gradually be realized as a packaging relaunch.

CLIENT Menzerna
PRODUCT Professional polishing an care products for gelcoat surfaces
TASK Packaging launch for the marine range of Menzerna on parallel packaging relaunch of the automotive range
  • Aesthetic, typographic design for clear, visual transport of product information
  • Emotional charge through integration of a marine image and color world
  • Process support of users
  • Upgrade for the typographic realization through metalized label stock and use of the respective effect possibilities
BENEFIT Completely new brand + Packaging design, which unites the professional-functional side of the polishing product with the aesthetic-emotional side of the automotive and marine industry.