Packaging Engineering, Structural Design
In order to offer its customers a full-service package, Miele offers cleaning and care products to supplement its range of electrical appliances. This includes the new series of laundry powders and fabric softeners, which are predominantly marketed in standard packaging. For the liquid products, Berndt+Partner researched and developed corresponding packaging, whose formal design is perceived of as a uniform series. With the use of updated closures, the convenience of the standard packaging was significantly improved.
CLIENT Miele & Cie. KG
PRODUCT Laundry Products
INDUSTRY Care + Cleaning
TASK Packaging Engineering, Structural Design
  • develop a packaging concept for laundry powders with a uniform shape that is marketable in small quantities
  • new bottles from the standard segment with adaptations for Miele
  • uniform look with reduced formal language
  • new closure creates improved dispensing and shaking properties
CONTACT Ilka Wolters