Prize-winning packaging.

Awards 1 Awards 2

The most important distinction for our packaging is the satisfaction of our clients and a contented customer. We must admit, though, that awards won in national and international competitions give us that winning smile.

Our packaging solutions are almost regularly distinguished with the following awards:

  • 10 x German Packaging Award
  • 5 x World Star
  • 2 x Eurostar
  • 1 x Ameristar
  • 1 x Innovation Award Berlin-Brandenburg
  • 1 x Innovation Award Packaging of the Dual System Germany (DSD)
  • 5 x Product of the Year trade journal "Lebensmittelpraxis"
  • 1 x Pharmaceutical Silver Award
  • 1 x Marken Award (DMV)

We certainly hope that further awards will follow. Maybe even for your packaging ...